About Us

Inspired by the sci-fi movies and futurism books, Mecobots has arrived as India’s first-ever drone making and drone schooling company that strives on making drones an affordable luxury. Driven by a squad of passion-fuelled tech-geeks thriving as the propagators of gen-next unarmed aviation models, Mecobots cater to a wide bracket of industries from Agriculture to Security, Construction to Shipping, and so forth.

What brewed as a hobby, blazed into an obsession and soon budded into a fulltime profession, becoming a breeding ground for futuristic gadgets. The Mecobotians pour their heart and soul in pushing the envelope and propelling Indian technology in each phase of the drone-building cycle from research, development, designing to manufacturing.

With stronghold of the subject and deep insights into the industry, the Mecobotians traverse across the nation holding workshops and conducting seminars on this new dawn of responsible technology. With such an urge for excellence and innovation, the Mecobotians strive for perfection in each coveted piece of their artistic gadgets that speaks in bounds of the quality and value it stands to deliver.


To stand as a force creating drones that are swift, efficient, powerful yet affordable and make way for Indian technology to penetrate the Global market.


To build drones efficient and affordable that could help companies big and small to achieve new heights in terms of cost-saving, risk analysis, and revenue generation. Also, with an arm stretched to educating young minds and stirring innovations, Mecobots aims to nurture a trend of technology in India.

Core Values

  • With its unparallel commitment and unmatched delivery, Mecobots stands as a symbol of quality and promise.
  • Equipped with the latest aerial technologies Mecobots is all about customised drones.
  • With its uncompromised customer-centric approach, each delivery stands to exceed customer expectations.
  • With an eye for details and appetite for excellence, Mecobots ensures precision and perfection delivered on time.

Our Founders

Nimish Thakkar

An innate leader and established businessman, Nimish Thakkar is a man of rare sight that foresees a company’s future and has the rare ability to twirl its fortune. With a highly motivated and go-getter attitude Nimish Thakkar keeps the rotor moving in terms of innovation and creativity. With his eminent contribution in diverse industries, Thakkar brings along a wide network of interlaced communities that nourishes a symbiotic environment fostering growth and success.

Vinit S Sonawane

Vinit Sonawane is a hot-shot name in the field of finance for his unconventional financial gimmicks that gives the company an extra edge. Having deep exposure and wide experience in the arena of robotics and unarmed aviation technologies coupled with his magic of managing numbers, Vinit serves as the core of the company that views the finance, technology, innovations and market all in one frame. His endeavours to add value to the products keeps the bar rising in terms of the services that Mecobots offers.

Nikhil Patange

The mastermind of Mecobots, Nikhil Patange is known as the tech wizard driving the company through research and design and beaconing its way in each phase of development. Having undergone avant-grade training and winning several championships in robotics and aviation technology from IITs and international universities. He has won competitions like the Robo race competition in Mega Technical Event, Robo War, Robo Race and RC fuel Car Competition in DY. Patil, Modern college, JSPM, G.H. Raisoni, COEP, MIT college, Quad-Copter held in M-Robotics in SRCOE Pune, 1st position at state level and 4th position at National level at IIT ROORKEE in Quad-Copter Championship and more. Nikhil has established himself as a man of mettle in this budding industry. With his dynamic expertise and out of the box thinking, Mecobots made has made the right buzz in several industries.

Karan G Khatri

Karan G Khatri is an innovator at heart and strategist by brain. A respected decision maker, a quick thinker and an exceptional entrepreneur, Karan Khatri is the visionary sketching the roadmap of the company. Karan Khatri is the anchor directing the resources and energies of the company towards achieving challenging goals and elevating the financial graphs ensuring sustainability and progress.