Rental Catalogue

Rent a drone to cover your extravagant event or conduct an inspection, take a survey or ensure high-end security. Whatever be your purpose, Mecobots brings you drones at rent with minimum cost and maximum benefits.

Packages Cost
2 kg flower droppings Rs 15000/-
5 kg flower droppings Rs 35000/-
1 hr flight time with X3 camera Rs 15000/-
1 hr flight time with X4 camera Rs 40000/-
1 hr flight time with X5 camera Rs 50000/-


  • Rent for up to 2 days.
  • Read and sign the agreement for proper usage of the gadget.
  • Permissions are to be taken by the customer from the local Police.
  • A Mecobotian would accompany for onsite assistance on use.


  • Don’t use drones near the airport or within high-security area.
  • Don’t use drones in the range of flying aeroplanes.
  • Don’t violate the rules as cited by the government.
  • Don’t use the drones for purposes other than agreed.